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Premises Liability and Negligence

Florida Premises Liability and Negligence Death Attorney

When people mention premises liability or negligence, it is a broad term to identify wrongful death that occurs on someone's property. It could include crime victims, malpractice victims, nursing home abuse victims, and general negligence which leads to someone dying.

Jason has handled many wrongful death claims arising out of general negligence and premises liability.

Here are some examples of negligence and premises liability wrongful death cases Jason Turchin handles:

Accidental Shooting - If someone accidently discharges a gun and shoots someone, the law may allow a civil wrongful death claim against that person because of negligence. Gun owners may also have responsibility for failing to properly secure their firearm, for providing a minor with their gun without adequate training, for failing to keep a lock on the gun, and for negligently entrusting the gun to another. 

Accidental Fall Downs - When someone slips and falls in a store, down stairs, or over broken and uneven walkways, it can lead to severe injuries to the person. If the victim strikes their head as a result of the fall, brain damage or injury could occur which could lead to a coma or death. If you lost a loved one following a fall, it is important to secure evidence to determine the cause of the fall and for an investigation to begin as soon as possible. When we investigate a death following a fall, our focus is to determine if the fall could have been prevented and if so, to hold those accountable for failing to properly clean and maintain their property. 

House and Hotel Fires - Property owners and hotel management companies generally have a duty to properly maintain their premises in a reasonably safe condition. Failing to inspect smoke detectors, failing to install carbon monoxide detectors, placing furniture on top of electrical wires, and kitchen errors can cause death. Jason has handled several cases involving fire injuries and death. 

We can handle slip and fall and premises liability wrongful death cases throughout Florida. If you lost a loved one following a slip and fall, shooting, or other accident, you may be entitled to money damages for emotional pain and suffering, loss of support, loss of services, funeral expenses, medical bills, and other damages. Call us at (888) 998-8428 or submit your inquiry online for a free consultation. Just ask to speak with Jason Turchin.

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