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Crime Victims' Rights

Crime may be foreseeable and preventable. When someone dies as a result of a foreseeable or preventable crime, the law allows you to pursue a civil claim against those who contributed to the wrongful death. Even if the State Attorney prosecutes the perpetrator for committing the crime, their focus is on the criminal on behalf of the State of Florida. We focus on the crime itself in the name of the victim's estate. The cases can go hand-in-hand and the families do not have to pick which case to pursue.

Here are some types of crime victim cases Jason Turchin handles:

Dram Shop and Liquor Liability - Florida law permits a civil claim for damages against those who knowingly serve a person under 21 years of age or a known alcoholic any alcoholic beverage. Whoever does so may be responsible for all damages if the minor or alcoholic are killed or otherwise pass away as a result of the intoxication. Jason has handled several cases against bars and restaurants for serving minors or alcoholics where the client is later injured or killed as a result of the intoxication.

Shootings - Gun violence and accidental shootings are the cause of many deaths each year in Florida. Jason has represented parents of children killed as a result of shootings. The law may permit a claim against not just the shooter, but also the gun owner and those who could have prevented the shooting.

Drunk Driving Crashes - When someone drives drunk, we sometimes compare it to shooting a gun in a crowded mall and hoping you don't hit anyone. It is considered a reckless and selfish act and the law permits a punitive damage claim because of the callous disregard for the safety of the public. Drunk driving crashes are preventable - Simply don't drink and drive. Jason has handled many cases for families who lost loved ones at the hands of a drunk driver. Drunk driving crash cases may be particularly complex. We often look into several insurance policies which could apply to settle the case, asset investigation on the Defendant, accident reconstruction, and DUI evidence collection and prosecution.

Murder - When someone is shot or killed on someone's property, we analyze the crime to see if the death was foreseeable or preventable. Apartment complex managers and owners sometimes neglect the security of their property, even when they have knowledge that there had been prior violent crimes on the property. The law permits us to pursue a civil wrongful death claim against property owners, property managers, and security companies when they fail to provide adequate security.

We handle negligent security and crime victim's rights cases throughout Florida. If you lost a loved one to a crime, you may be entitled to money damages for emotional pain and suffering, loss of support, loss of services, funeral expenses, medical bills, and other damages. Call us at (888) 998-8428 or submit your inquiry online for a free consultation. Just ask to speak with Jason Turchin.

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